Cut the Brakes

by Friday In America

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Friday In America (n) - the day when free men and women come together to dance, drink, and grill laxly inspected meat. Moreover, a way of life, that is possible to enjoy everyday, through an unrelenting desire to have a good time. Friday In America is ordering a milk shake and having them bring out the silver mixer with extra milk shake. In 1932, the most popularly used password at speakeasies was "Friday in America." The light at the end of the tunnel is Friday In America. And that shit glows. Friday In America is a beacon of freedom in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic IMAX 3D hellscape. When you mix whiskey and ginger ale they don’t call it a Friday In America. But they should. If Abraham Lincoln was a band he’d be Friday In America.


released March 26, 2011

Fran Broderick – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Chris Dudley – Keyboards, Organ, Vocals
Brian Haschmann - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Kevin Mathews - Bass, Vocals
Ben Rossi – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Brendan Simms – Trombone, Vocals, Accordion, Percussion

All songs copyright Friday in America and Francis Broderick 2010 and 2011.

1. Don’t Fight the Wind (3:40)
2. Hitman (5:11)
3. Jamaica (4:12)
4. Six and Counting (5:44)
5. Lonesome Train (4:22)
6. Water (3:16)
7. Grain of Salt (4:45)
8. Hillary (3:50)
9. Friday (6:56)
10. How Long (3:18)
11. Stuck on an Island (4:22)
12. Ready to Go (4:23)

Produced by Brendan Simms

All songs written by F.Broderick
with exception of #4 written by B.Rossi,
#2 and #10 written by F.Broderick and B.Rossi,
and #9 written by FIA.

Mixed and Engineered by Brendan Simms
Mastered by Matt Clock at River Bottom Sound

“Water” Engineered and Mastered by Jeff Gilhart

Track 8 features Dave Dys on saxophone
Track 9 features Emily Bartolotta on guest vocal

Recorded in various parts of America, including a condemned manufacturing building, Brendan’s basement, the respective living rooms of Fran, Chris, and Ben, and a few places in which we shouldn’t have been recording and therefore will not list.

Album Art: Matt Carbone
Art Direction: Matt Carbone
Album Photography: Mike Bartolotta



all rights reserved


Friday In America Rochester, New York

FIA is a band that mixes rock, Americana, folk, and hip hop. If Abraham Lincoln was a band he'd be Friday In America.

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Track Name: Don't Fight the Wind
Dont Fight the Wind

Don’t say what you know,
say what you don’t, say what you say
I’ve got the gold
I’ve brought it home
It’s here today

Dollars to donuts, one day we’ll grow up
Blow up like villages and drink til we throw up (repeat)

And though you might not feel alive, you know to die is just a sin

Don’t fight the wind

You stop and go, you stop and go
You ride the system
I shuffle aside of Eden
To try and hide my wisdom

Dollars to donuts, one day we’ll grow up, blow up like villages and drink til we throw up (repeat)

And though you might not feel alive you know to die is just a sin

Don’t fight the wind
Track Name: Hitman

The catacombs that you call home
They’e old and faded they’re overgrown
And the only thing I ever known how to do was move

There’s a box beneath my bed
The key unlocks, it’s sheathed in lead
That is how I keep my head, I wasn’t born to lose

I’m a hitman, a miracle of science
My worn and torn reflection, it forms my poor alliance
I’m a soldier for hire, man on a wire, a cold-blooded killer, set the river on fire
I’m a hitman, hitman on the run

In an age of rage and dread
You turn the page, you make your bets
Your silver spoons are bathed in red like a morning moon

And in the halls the chambermaids
Change the shades with razor blades
This is how you fade away, I wasn’t born to lose

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Six and Counting
Six and Counting

It's been so long since I've shouted out
Let loose a scream then I drowned you out
Take all the air I breathe inside
Take a deep breath, how do you feel now?

The day starts to crumble as I watch in pain
From a nearby seat on a nearby plane
If we crash and burn I think I'll wait
Just take this food here from off my plate

There's a body washed on the shore
You took a bite out then you ask me for more, more, more
A couple years older and I thought I was yours
You give and you take then you ask me for more, more more

Now you know that I've found you out
Step from the light and into the dark
Some things are mystery I tend to forget
Don't have all the answers I want just yet

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Lonesome Train
Lonesome Train

Well I lost my love, my home in the shade
If the money hadn’t gone, she’d had stayed
But now all I got, is my family name
and an empty seat on a lonesome train

Lonesome Train, take me through the rain
Through them hopeless hills, and vacant plains
Take me through the backwoods, over the mountain range
Just don’t leave me here, Lonesome Train

Well I got knocked down, by the morning news
Headed to an old saloon, where they still play the blues
‘Cause the way I’m goin’, only got one lane
and that’s a dead-end track, on a Lonesome Train

Repeat Chorus

I set out to make good (he set out to make good)
with no one next to me
I set out to make good (he set out to make good)
on my destiny
But if I should fail (if he should fail)
Don’t you share my shame (don’t you share his shame)
Just save me a seat on a Lonesome Train

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Water

When I close my eyes, I see ahead
What I held inside, until I bled
But Mama don’t feel bad because I bleed
You already gave me all I need

You’re like water girl to my soul
I’m water girl, I lose control
I’m water Ma, I’ll break though that wall
I’m water Ma, I run, I fall

We ain’t no different, when we’re all scared
Life is just a fight and fights ain’t fair
But mama don’t feel bad I’ll be alright
Mama don’t feel bad because I’ll fight

Repeat Chorus

Oh you know, I got so much on my mind
But my heart, it runs on its own time
It’s a lonely walk through a crowd so unkind
But in the dark is where the stars realign

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Grain of Salt
Grain of Salt

When the menu doesn’t suit you, you gesture toward the maitre’d
Disheveled, he stumbles through the specials, ‘cause he doesn’t know you’re blaming me
Spare me the paintings of bare trees, you say represent your mood
I think it’s time I told you I was lying when I said you’re cool

I gotta go, gotta go, baby now I know
You’re just a postcard of a place that I’ll never go

So take it all with a grain of salt
I just called to say it aint your fault
And I’ll be alright now on my own
Who’s to blame when things go wrong
I don’t know I just sing my songs
Worse things can happen to you

Don’t tell me that you’ve lost all control when I know that you’re holding on
I know a better way to go and I know that it wont be long
I know what I said when I said what I said on your fancy phone
But just because I’m a loner girl don’t mean I wanna die alone

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

Don’t stop don’t think don’t turn around
No regrets, don’t ya go sleepless, I’ll see ya around

Take it all with a grain of salt
I just called to say it ain’t your fault
and I’ll be alright now on my own
Your lifes a scene from a movie screen
When you talk about your dreams you quote James Dean
Cause youre afraid of the unknown
But whos to blame when things go wrong
I don’t know I just sing my song
and while away the afternoon
But your whole life you never rolled the dice
If I told you once I told you twice
Worse things can happen to you
Track Name: Hillary

Hillary, you got me going crazy
Hillary, I see you on the streets at night

You were so cool, when you would slip past the queue
And tell them you’re the DJ
And the bouncers expression, when he’d say “where are your records?”
And you’d say, “baby doll, here on my key chain”

You’d say “life’s just a game...”
“it’s all just the same...”
“Life’s just a game that I’m good at...”

Repeat Chorus

You knew all the spots, the bodegas and shops,
and the places to go after dark
and the dealers and thugs, but baby who still buys drugs
in Washington Square Park?

You’d say “relax, it’s the spot...”
“they pay off the cops...”
“relax I’ve got this I’ve done it before...”

Repeat Chorus

I remember when we first met, you said you liked A Tribe Called Quest
And I said “who’s she?”
But you ain’t Queen Jane or Penny Lane, you’re a Jersey Girl I know your name
You’re a broken wave that thinks it’s still out at sea

But when the rain lets up and the thunder slows
I’ll play an old soul song from Muscle Shoals
look out my window and I’ll see your face

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Friday
(Broderick, Dudley, Haschmann, Mathews, Rossi, Simms)

Well the stolen glances at the high school dances that we shared were true
When the newspaper scriptures and the yearbook pictures weren’t fair to you
A quiet queen you did them things that no one cared to do
Even when your teachers and your preachers weren’t there for you
Because school was but a joke to me, we’d laugh, and sleep, and smoke for free
and mom would pray that hopefully someday I’d start to smile
Because we all do what we gotta do, we all stand out in the rain
and an honest dude knows that solitude is the last stop on the train

On Friday, I’m gonna make mistakes
On Friday, I’m gonna cut the brakes

I guess things change, relationships strain from the stress of holding on
I go on alone, bombed and stoned, and keep on keeping on
We all grew up, while I blew up on another town’s radio
We all lost touch ‘cause it cost too much, to remember what made ya go
And now they go from town to town trying to sell their blues
And marry girls who like ice cream and tennis shoes
Cause it hurts too much to remember who, you might’ve been
And their coffee mugs speak of office love and the dreams they left behind
From concert halls to conference calls and breakfast buffet lines

On Friday, I’m gonna make mistakes
On Friday, I’m gonna cut the brakes
Track Name: How Long
How Long

Bare robes and slippers on your feet
Live and die for a sliver of a street
Some say that they want the honest truth
But it will fade like the fire of your youth

You see hurt and your blood starts to boil
You see pain plant the ashes in the soil
Watch it grow, watch it slip inside your skin
Cut it down, don't let it win

How long, until you know what I know

Broke down, body beaten up
Hopeless clowns, you watch them eat it up
Turn on the news and watch the story of a sinner
Turn on the radio and look for something bigger

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Stuck on an Island
Stuck on an Island

I'm stuck on an island, got nowhere to go
I'm stuck on an island and I may never get home
Waiting for my helicopter, to take me away
I know it might never come, but I still wait for the day
Gonna go exploring, gonna make me some rum
Gonna go exploring and then Ill get drunk

First you chop the wood, then you build a fire
Don’t let your emotions, decide your desire
First you chop the wood, then you build a fire
And though it seems like forever, you know time is just a liar.

I remember Ramona, I remember we danced
In my dreams I still see her, in my heart theres a chance
But Im stuck on an island, I got sand in my shoes
I aint committed the crime Lord, but Im still payin the dues

Repeat Chorus

Stuck on an island, gonna build me a boat
Been choppin that wood, but that wood is my hope
So if you are travelin, across the divide
Please won't ya look for me, maybe gimme a ride
Cause I been stuck on an island, yea I grown me a beard
I been stuck on an island for so many years
Track Name: Ready to Go
Ready to Go

We lost control, set fire to our clothes
I just laughed and turned my head
A whisper in a void, and the whole world’s unemployed
And now it’s time to party for the living dead

We throw parades like hand grenades, those better days, are ours

We know our history, we are ready to go
We know we’re built to bleed, we are ready to go

They’ll tell ya that they don’t like the way you talk
Tey’ll tell you that every man can be bought

Look them in the eye, say go ahead and try

We know our history, we are ready to go
We ain’t some kids to feed, we are ready to go

Oh ya know that you gotta give a lot to grow
Ready or not they not gonna stop the show
You’ll never know what I gave to rock n roll
There's blood on the strings and the microphones

We are ready, ready, ready to go