All These Ways We've Wandered

by Friday In America

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released May 19, 2012

Friday In America - "All These Ways We’ve Wandered"

1. Vegas -> Mexico
2. Roll Another
3. Lake Pontchartrain
4. Ghosts of California
5. Good Enough
6. Driftin
7. 1000 Miles Away
8. Peace of Mind
9. Renaissance
10. A Soldier For You
11. The Rules to This
12. Good Night and Good Luck

Produced by Fran Broderick

Mixed by Brendan Simms

Engineered by Fran Broderick and Brendan Simms

Mastered by Matt Klock at River Bottom Sound

All songs written by F.Broderick with exception of #9 written by B. Rossi, #7 written by F.Broderick, C.Dudley, B.Rossi, and #2 written by FIA

Fran Broderick – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Ben Rossi – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chris Dudley – Keyboards, Organ, Vocals
Brian Haschmann - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Mike Caywood - Bass, Vocals

Tracks #1 and #3 feature Bob Bell on mandolin
Track #1 features Bob Bell on banjo
Track #1 features Nate DeMaria on violin
Track #2 features DJ Naps
Tracks #3 and #6 feature Justin Lloyd, from Mrs. Skannotto on trumpet
Tracks #6 and #8 feature Amanda Lee Peers on guest vocals
Track #5 features Brendan Simms on tambourine
Track #6 features Brendan Simms on trombone
Track #8 features Brice Meade on slide guitar

Recorded at Drexvegas, Eventide, 57 Juniper, our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and practice spaces.

Album Artwork/Package Design by Matthew J. Carbone



all rights reserved


Friday In America Rochester, New York

FIA is a band that mixes rock, Americana, folk, and hip hop. If Abraham Lincoln was a band he'd be Friday In America.

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Track Name: Vegas->Mexico

I am going, I am going, and I ain’t coming back,
There’s food left on the table, grab the raincoat and the map

I need an open sky, a western wind upon my back,
leave these sexless suburban streets behind, you gotta take risks to relax

We are the wild hearts, we are the wealthy homeless,
We’re too busy smellin’ roses to keep up with the Joneses

I put our house up for sale, I don’t care if no one’s buying, I’m sick of living in a town where if you ain’t miserable you’re lying

We’ll drive all night, we’ll be alright, and when we see them Vegas lights we will be free

On to Mexico, one day we’ll let go, buy a boat and sail across the sea

Consequence is in the air, we’re ready to take our shot, throw 24 on the clock, we ain’t goin’ back for the watch

Your car or mine, whatever gets us faster, we’ll make the most of this disaster, like Bogie in Madagascar

Let’s wipe the dust off our hopes, two souls born to ramble, it’ll be years before they catch their breath, you know a small town loves a scandal

I find a roadside diner, right along the rails, they got ice cream and quesadillas, they got whiskey and ginger ale

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Lake Pontchartrain
"Lake Pontchartrain"

Lake Pontchartrain you are not to blame for your beloved city, that lay torn and slain/ when the storms came, they brought the blood and pain, but you are not to blame

Well those raging gales that bore your rains, they brought a torrent tide levee could not restrain/ but through the screaming wind and the blowing rain, I heard an angel sing on Lake Pontchartrain

Well the president came in his big jet plane, afraid to land where that blood had stained/ but when you hear his name don’t you feel his shame, for you are not to blame Lake Pontchartrain

When the Cajun sun rose above Dumaine, to shine a light on what remained, all I could offer was this poor refrain, you are not to blame Lake Pontchartrain, you are not to blame Lake Pontchartrain
Track Name: Driftin

There’s a composition notebook I keep in my coat
Where I write myself my notes and maps on how to get back
To you/ There’s a payphone on the street outside that I will call you from, if I ever get the nerve again

‘Cause I ain’t driftin any farther from you

You’re my walk in the park, long lost guitar, you’re the only road I been on so far, and I just wanna feel like
I’m getting through to you/ In the back alleys where the stars salsa dance with the darkness, and the raindrops gracefully fall to their targets, there’s a brick on the wall that I drew for you

Repeat Chorus

When I wandered through the back door blurry and bent from a blackjack table at 7am, Don’t you know baby that paid the rent, baby that paid the rent/ But when the day ends I’ll forsake the trends, I’ll acquiesce and I’ll make amends, I’ll scream at your shadow and tell it please don’t go away

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: 1000 Miles Away
"1000 Miles Away"
(Broderick, Dudley, Rossi)

New York, my love, the whole wide world and the streets above/ New York, my home, I’ll keep the lights on for your Brooklyn bones.

I told all my friends not to worry, I’m only a thousand miles away

Don’t miss a game, sing in the seventh and ride the train/
Never bury the lead, keep some food in the fridge for a friend in need.

Repeat Chorus

I’ll see ya when I see ya on a crowded street,
Yea we grew up but we’re still playing make believe/
And yea it’s like you said – some things never change,
And yea the source of the river is still the same

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Renaissance

Got secrets I’ve stole and lies that I’ve told, and they don’t mean a thing, broken glass between my toes, see what tomorrow brings, step out of your clothes and into my room
the cost it’s always free, all these lights shining on me
And still it’s too dark to see

There’s sunlight waiting on the other side, it’s walking on down the road, the grass is greener if you can try, at least that’s what I’m told/ Been waiting here a month and a day, the rain’s almost blown away, nothing upstairs but clouds and a bed, you won’t be in it today

Every time I walk the street at night, Every time I walk alone, The wind it blows, and it calls your name, Says you’re coming home, The songs I sing, the wind it brings, To wash away the rain, Never say you’re coming in, If I don’t know where you’ve been

Parking lots and empty cars, vacant hollow souls, find your face at the bottom of my glass, another one down the hole, smile at my face, turn from behind, stares fall on my back
A dollar and a dream for every loser with a scheme, heading on down that path

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: A Soldier For You
"A Soldier For You"

I brought the wave, yea I fought for days
I was thunder, and thunder was true
I’ll stand my ground, I won’t run from the sound
Yea, I’ll be a soldier for you

No victors nor spoils, just the clicks and recoils
We fought for it was all that we knew
And when they made advances, we became avalanches
Yea I was a soldier for you

And I know one day we’ll have our sunny day
But for now it’s just these muddy boots
But they carried me to you when the bullets
Went through you, I was a soldier for you

While holding your hand as you bled in the sand
That’s when they got me too
But I left a note where we laid that said “write on our graves ‘he was a soldier for you’”
He was a soldier for you.
Track Name: The Rules To This
"The Rules to This"

If you would speak to me quietly and peacefully, it’s a bottle of wine for your time, it’s a bottle of wine/ let the evening breathe sordid tales of secrecy, it’s a bottle of wine, for your time, it’s a bottle of wine

Tell me secrets no one knows, so I don’t feel so comatose/ take a shot in the dark to jump start your heart you take a shot of the dark/ I guess for us to be good lovers we gotta be colorblind to our true colors/ you take a shot of the dark to jumpstart your heart you take a shot in the dark

There’s a girl I knew before, she just walked through the door/ and she got a new man and she holdin his hand, yea she got a new man/ I could smile and she could wave, an awkward exchange could be saved/ between me and her man, yea she holdin his hand, yea she got a new man

Now I don’t know the rules to this, it all just seems so ludicrous/ the sounds of saxophones and clarinets/ I could’ve played it cool and not made a fool, I should’ve played it cool and kept playin’ pool/ I could’ve walked outside and had a cigarette/ I could’ve walked outside and had a cigarette

Another drink, this ones on me, one for c’est la vie and good company/ it’s a bottle of wine for your time, it’s a bottle of wine/ just enjoy the booze laugh and pretend I said something cool/ it’s a bottle of wine for your time, it’s a bottle of wine

Maybe we could fight a war, wake up in a gutter and defy the law/ take a shot in the dark to jump start ya heart we take a shot of the dark/ remember to breathe and the better you’ll be never believe that forever is free/ take a shot of the dark to jump start ya heart it’s a shot in the dark

You told her that you want it all but honestys your biggest flaw/ and now she got a new man and she holdin in his hand yea shot got a new man/ the day that you let her know that’s the day she’ll let you go/ yea she got a new man and she holdin his hand yea she got a new man

Repeat Chorus